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For this first of eight interviews discussing national health care policy reform, Dr. Steven Woolf, Professor C. Kenneth and Diane Wright Distinguished Chair in Population Health and Health Equity and Director Emeritus and Senior Advisor at the Center on Society and Health in the Department of Family Medicine and Population Health at Virginia Commonwealth University, begins with a discussion of population health.  Specifically, Dr. Woolf explains the extent to which Americans are significantly less healthy throughout their life course and experience significantly shorter life spans than individuals in comparative countries.   This discussion is to an extent an update of an Institute of Medicine work Dr. Woolf and colleagues published in 2013 titled, “US Health in International Perspective, Shorter Lives, Poorer Health.”


Dr. Steven Woolf answers the question:
How Healthy Are Americans?

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Randy Oostra
President and CEO, ProMedica


David Introcaso, PH.D.
Vice President, Regulatory Policy


Dr. Steven Woolf, M.D., M.P.H.
Virginia Commonwealth Professor of Population Health

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Download the Full Transcript of the Audio Interview with Woolf.

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